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Chris “Sky” Saccoccia, Jenny Saccoccia and Qazi Zeeshan Ahmed Arrested During Anti-Vaxxer Protest at West Edmonton Mall

An anti-vaxxer protest organized by Chris and Jenny Saccoccia didn’t go as well as the couple had hoped. Their little party was quickly broken up by Edmonton Police.

After being released from police custody for refusing to leave the West Edmonton Mall last week, Chris Saccoccia announced his intention to hold a protest inside, in retribution for being detained by mall security. He encouraged his followers to gather in large numbers, maskless, to demand “justice for Jenny”, Jenny being his wife.

In a video posted to TikTok, Chris can be seen threatening to zip-tie the hands and feet of any security guard who attempts to remove him or his COVID-bride from the property. Remember, the West Edmonton Mall is private property, and anyone representing the company has the authority to trespass anyone for any reason.

After his threats circulated the internet, Chris tried to change the narrative, claiming he was simply going to go Christmas shopping with a bunch of maskless supporters. He claims the group was going to support small businesses and donate toys for needy children. Seriously.

In typical narcissist fashion, Chris Saccoccia livestreamed his crime.

Around 2:40 PM EDT (40 minutes after his protest was supposed to start) a livestream on Chris’ Twitch account shows Qazi Zeeshan Ahmed, also known as Dr. Zee, despite not being a doctor, entering the mall wearing a scarf over his mouth. Chris instructed his followers to wear a face covering to avoid being denied entry to the mall, only to remove it once inside.

Qazi Zeeshan Ahmed can be seeing making his way over to Chris, who’s already surrounded by a small group of people. The 38-year-old is dressed as Santa Claus, complete with a white beard covering the lower half of his face. An interesting choice for a man who claims he has trouble breathing through a paper mask. The men start to meander their way through the mall, stopping at Cloud 9 Aqua Massage to greet Gerald, a man working behind the counter. Chris takes some more selfies and the group moves on.

Chris, Qazi and his flock meet up with Jenny Saccoccia, who is surrounded by a group of people herself. Jenny stood around in a red wig and an elf costume, while Qazi changed out of his traditional Muslim garb to showcase a “Just Say No” t-shirt and toque.

The group makes most of their income from merchandise sales, so promoting the brand is never a bad idea. It’s possible that the group was planning to sell more of their overpriced merchandise out of garbage bags in the parking once the protest ended. Or they may have already fleeced their followers at the “mini rally” they held in a school parking lot before the big protest.

The video goes on to show a gaggle of anti-vaxxers making their way through the mall, stopping outside a Build-a-Bear Workshop. The store, whose staff were limiting customer capacity, had stanchions at the entrance. A couple of masked teenagers could be seen waiting around. It’s unknown if they were waiting to get into the store or were waiting for someone to leave.

Chris enters the store with a supporter’s granddaughter, claiming he’s going to buy one bear for her and a second to donate to charity.

A Build-a-Bear Workshop employee walks to the front of the store to talk to the large group, someone of whom want to enter the store. After a brief conversation with Chris, he’s ushered into the store with one of his supporter’s grandchildren. The remaining protestors stayed outside the shop, keeping relatively calm and respectful of the other shoppers in the store.

Some time passes and Chris instructs Qazi to move the group as to not obstruct the storefront. Although mall security seemed to observe the protestors from a distance, the group did not need another reason to be removed from the property.

Moments after Qazi leaves the toy store, you can hear a woman yell that Chris Saccoccia was being arrested. Qazi pans the camera to the front of the store, and a line of Edmonton Police officers can be seen guarding the entrance. Additional officers can be seen inside the store, taking Chris into custody.

Edmonton Police were on hand at West Edmonton Mall for the planned anti-mask protest this afternoon. Police were aware of the protest well before the event and used the store’s backdoor to gain access to Saccoccia.

Qazi attempted to get back into the store but was quickly shut down. Tensions rise at this point, with several in the crowd swearing at the officers and calling them Nazis for enforcing the trespass order.

Old lady compares the Edmonton Police to the Nazis of WWII.

An older Eastern European lady can be heard yelling at the officers, telling them that her grandfather was in a concentration camp during WWII. Anti-vaxxers often directly compare mask and vaccine mandates to what the Nazis did to Jews in the 1930s and 40s, something that many in the Jewish community find extremely offensive.

Tempers boil over and the crowd begin chanting “stop the lie” into the store, prompting a store employee to approach the crowd, pleading with them to stop scaring the children who remained inside the store. Qazi can be heard brushing her off, insisting the police were the ones responsible for scaring the children. Later he calls the employee a liar and that all the children were laughing and smiling.

Chris Saccoccia was now in custody, and police began to leave the Build-a-Bear workshop. Two female employees can be seen pleading with the group, promising that no one inside the store was responsible for calling the police. Nothing these ladies said was going to appease these anti-vaxxer protestors.

Jenny Saccoccia urged the group to continue walking through the mall, trying hard to keep the group focused on the protest. While not captured on video by anyone in the group, Jenny was arrested shortly after.

Qazi has to cut his livestream once Edmonton Police start to arrest him.

Qazi can be seen taunting Edmonton Police on a livestream before being arrested himself.

The Edmonton Police released a statement regarding the arrest of Chris Saccoccia.

In a news release, Edmonton Police confirmed two men and a woman were arrested. Police confirmed that Chris, Jenny and Qazi were the three arrested. The group’s social media accounts went dark around the time of the arrest.

The three, originally from Ontario, are being charged with several offences, including outstanding warrants, uttering threats and public mischief. They will remain in police custody until Monday morning when Court of Queens Bench resumes. Yes, the group will be spending a weekend in jail. Finally.

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