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Private Health Care, Charter Schools, and Weakening Abortion Access Are All on the Ontario Party’s Wish List.

Meet the Ontario Party: the Christian, right-wing, populist party aiming to govern Ontario.

The Ontario Party was founded in May 2018 by former members of another fringe right-wing party, the Ontario Alliance, who abandoned the party due to its lack of social conservatism.

The failed MP, Derek Sloan, 37, now leads the party after he was expelled from Erin O’Toole’s Conservative Party for making homophobic and racist remarks online.

Derek Sloan currently leads the social-conservative Ontario Party.

Rick Nicholls, the former PC MPP who refused to be vaccinated against COVID-19, joined the party in December of 2021 to become its first sitting member in the Legislative Assembly. Prior to joining the Ontario Party, Nicholls announced that he would not seek re-election when his term ends this year. It is unclear if this remains his intention.

What is the Ontario Party all about?

As outlined in the Ontario Party’s charter, the party’s founding mandate includes acknowledging “the supremacy of God,” affirming the unity of the Dominion of Canada under the Crown, striving to ensure the common good of the people of Ontario, and advocating for compassionate and responsible government.

The party’s Twitter feed frequently emphasizes their candidates’ “Christian values,” as if it were some kind of litmus test for whether they would make a good politician.

According to the Ontario Party’s platform, “the right to life is the most important human right” and individuals are entitled to ensure their own safety as well as the safety of loved ones, against any physical harm they might face. It’s not entirely clear what they mean when they mention personal protection.

A major platform issue for the party is abortion. They want to allow doctors to refuse a procedure based on their religious beliefs, repeal legislation that protects women seeking abortions from being harassed by protestors, and put money into “crisis pregnancy centres,” which only exist to discourage women from having an abortion.

Under the Ontario Party, education would take a major hit as school vouchers and charter schools are introduced. Comprehensive sex education would most likely be a thing of the past, since the party would eliminate “curricula not specifically tailored to core academic competencies, including material that fosters subjective beliefs and values related to sexuality.”

It would become mandatory for teachers to provide lesson plans to parents prior to them being taught, which would allow them to keep their children from learning about topics that are at odds with their religious beliefs or moral convictions. In essence, any subject deemed “offensive” can be vetoed by parents.

So, what happens if a teacher breaks any of these rules? The Ontario Party wants to establish a government office that will investigate and discipline school personnel who violate this new legislation. Remember Ford’s sex-ed “snitch line?

The Ontario Party is an offshoot of another right-wing, social-conservative party, the Ontario Alliance.

Ontario’s healthcare system would undergo radical changes. Private corporations would be able to build, operate, and manage hospitals as well as sell private health insurance. Clinics promoting junk-science like the “Covid Care Alliance” and religious “pregnancy centres” would receive government assistance and protection.

However, not all things that the Ontario Party wants to do in the health care sector are bad ideas.
In addition to more funding for public hospital beds, the party wants to hire thousands of more healthcare workers. They also want to simplify the accreditation process, making it easier for foreign-trained professionals with similar accreditation standards as those in Canada to practice here.

Finally, what good is a right-wing political party if it does not fear-monger about digital IDs? The party would oppose any attempt to institute a centralized digital identification system, whether on the provincial or federal level. For example, a digital drivers licence or health card.

You can read the platform of the Ontario Party in its entirety on the party’s website.

So, if you want to inject more religion into government, allow private business into our education and healthcare systems, and weaken the rights of women, the Ontario Party may be right for you!

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April 2022
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