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Fine, F––K It! I’ll Address the Peterburgers Video.

Here we go again, another Roy and Nicole livestream mentioning yours truly! Let’s dive into the video and my response to some of the claims made by the pair.

[3:25] You’re doing exactly what you accuse others of: wasting time and energy on other people.

[4:30] You’re bad people because you were proud to publish a video of you accosting police officers, calling a male officer “princess, sweetheart, and a bitch.” No underlying homophobic tones in those words, right Roy?

[4:36] My attention turns to you when you talk about me. I have plenty of people several times scummier than you that I can talk about.

[5:48] Maybe there were 16 officers there because you were all “pissed off.”

[6:50] You were disrespecting the police officers.

[7:15] What were the officers supposed to do? Just let you do whatever you want as to not escalate the situation? That’s not how this works.

[7:23] Do whatever you want as long as you’re not breaking the law. Freedom, right?

[7:29] So, your friend was arrested only for the cops to slip $20 in his pocket and drop him off in a parking lot outside of Ottawa? Not buying it.

[8:00] Until you produce evidence that they slipped $20 into your friend’s pocket, I’m not buying it.

[9:13] How old is that bus? Has the emergency brake cable ever been replaced? Based on the condition of the bus and its owner, I’m guessing no. If the cable snapped from just pushing the vehicle, the cable was already stretched out and not safe. No conspiracy.

[9:45] Hearsay. No proof.

[11:13] That’s good to hear.

[13:25] I’m going to assume he was joking about the bell. It’s clear you were in Ottawa. And what the hell are you going to do with a bell from a zoo?

[14:10] If this is true, and it was done as a threat, not cool.

[14:43] The hypocrisy is on both ends, hon.

[14:49] Obsessive? How many of these “reply” videos have you posted over the months?

[14:55] I don’t know who your aunt is, but the story was referenced in a Private Member’s Bill that is publicly available online: https://www.ourcommons.ca/Content/House/351/Debates/061/han061-e.pdf

[15:35] Yes?…

[15:40] Who’s joking about anyone’s death? Who even mentioned anyone’s death? You’re grasping at straws.

[16:13] Fuelling hate? Stop projecting. Who’s the one with the social media account full of transphobic and racist posts? It’s not me, hon.

[16:29] No, you don’t tag us, you just asked your followers to doxx me.

[16:55] I never asked anyone to review bomb your business. It’s a stupid thing to do because Google will just remove the fake reviews. You know how I know? Because your buddy Chris Sky tried review bombing an independent toy store in Alberta who didn’t want to host his little “toy drive ego boost” before the community came to their defence.

[17:10] I don’t brainwash, I don’t manipulate. People are free follow or not. People can disagree with me without worrying about getting blocked. I have no control over grown adults.

[17:18] Thanks?

[17:23] I do lots of other things too.

[17:32] I don’t make threats.

[17:45] Good! Go ahead and call out political corruption instead of crying about your “lost freedoms.”

[17:57] I mean, sure, if you wanna follow… @ThePlatypusCA on all socials

[18:20] Okay, that was actually funny.

[18:39] Tanya’s Twitter picture is literally a picture of her face…

[18:43] I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve tried to have a conversation with you two and all I get is called names and blocked. Oh, well.

[19:30] You don’t want to stoop to the level of bringing people’s family into this so instead you’re just going to bring people’s family into this. Cool.

[19:45] I give you full permission to post anything you think you have one me 🙂 Sink to my level. Please.

[20:23] Oh, more family stuff…

[20:50] I don’t know who Scarlett Grace is, but she is a vegan. Beautiful smile too.

[22:20] The downtown core was off limits to vehicles. They were well aware of this. I know you’re really punctuating the “breastfeeding mother” thing, but that doesn’t excuse anything.

[23:16] Oh, thank god.

[24:36] Jesus Christ, please touch the steering wheel!

[24:58] Yes, Nicole said “municipling” in a previous video and people made fun of her because that’s not a word. Roy, who’s the dumb one again?

[25:16] No idea what she means by this.

[26:07] I’m curious what kind of political change she’s hoping to see… I’d ask her myself but, you know, blocked.

[27:10] I agree with this statement. Municipal politics almost always affect people more directly than provincial or federal. Vote in municipal elections, get active in the community. We agree here.

[27:14] I’m curious who Roy thinks has the country. Who does he need to take it back from? I’d ask…

[27:39] He also needs to have committed a crime… which he hasn’t.

[27:48] Neither do I.

[28:14] Ugh! It’s so frustrating because I see these small glimpses of her understanding how a democracy works, but then it just turns into “let’s convince the GG to dissolve parliament!”

That’s it. Hopefully this will be the last time the Peterburgerses and I need to talk about each other.

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May 2022
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