After Defaming a Former Friend, Chelsea Hillier Is Now $97,485 Poorer

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Two-time failed politician Chelsea Hillier, the daughter of former disgraced MPP Randy Hillier, has been ordered to pay nearly $100,000 for defamatory tweets posted last November.

Hillier’s anger was directed toward former friend and Carleton University English instructor Esther Post.

According to the suit, Post has been teaching courses in the English department at Carleton University for more than 18 years. She is married and has two young children.

The two met for the first time in 2008, when Hillier enrolled in two undergraduate English courses taught by Post, at that time a graduate student. Post and Hillier became great friends after that, so much so that in 2014, Hillier was part of Post’s wedding party.

In 2020, when the COVID-19 global pandemic began, the two had a falling out over political differences.

Earlier in November 2021, Post retweeted a tweet expressing concern about the anti-vaccine tactics endorsed by Hillier and her father, former MPP Randy Hillier.

In a series of tweets sent November 11, 2021, Hillier included photos of Post and her bridal attendants, including Hillier, and described her as a “violent white nationalist”. The tweet went out to Hillier’s over 9,300 followers.

Post reported the tweets to Twitter, and Hillier’s account was permanently suspended for violating the company’s harassment and abuse policies. Hillier then began posting from a new account a week later.

Hillier wrote other derogatory tweets between November 18 and 21, 2021 using this new account. Post was repeatedly accused of sleeping with her students as well as giving them prescription medication.

On at least one occasion, Hillier included the school’s Twitter handle in a threat to contact Carleton University with her allegations. Some of her tweets also tagged her father Randy Hillier’s account.

Post’s wedding party photo served as Hillier’s profile picture and her Twitter handle appeared in her profile description. Thus, anyone searching for Post’s name on Twitter would almost certainly come across Hillier’s tweets.

Hillier’s Twitter followers sent vicious tweets to Post and called for her dismissal from Carlton University.

Hillier acknowledged receiving Post’s notice of libel on December 7, 2021, but tweeted shortly thereafter that she had no intention of removing her previous posts.

It was on January 9, 2022 that Hillier was personally served with the lawsuit. She failed to file a statement of defence and was noted in default. Despite receiving the notice of libel, Hillier continued to publish defamatory statements about Post.

Hillier did not defend the lawsuit and a court ordered her to pay Post $85,000 in damages, $12,485 in legal fees, and to post a 60-day retraction on her Twitter account, which has since gone private.

Furthermore, she must delete all tweets in reference to Post and refrain from ever communicating with or making false, defamatory, or otherwise disparaging comments about her.

Before making her Twitter account private, Hillier claimed that Post would never see any of the money.

Chelsea Hillier has been found liable for defaming me with malice. I am so grateful for everyone who has supported me since November and for my amazing attorney, Andréa Baldy (Caza Saikaley).

Note: she was not married, nor were they together for 10 years – not even close. More lies are not helping, neither is playing the victim.

Originally tweeted by Esther Post (@post_esther) on June 24, 2022.
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