Cineplex Now Charges an Additional $1.50 for the Convenience of Buying Tickets Online

Cineplex Now Charges an Additional $1.50 for the Convenience of Buying Tickets Online

In an effort to recoup the money lost during the pandemic, Cineplex has begun charging a convenience fee for booking movie tickets via and the Cineplex mobile app.

This new cash-grab will not apply to tickets purchased through box offices, ticket kiosks, or on concession purchases.

A spokesperson for Cineplex told The Hollywood Reporter that booking fees are common in the entertainment industry, and the additional revenue will allow them to continue to invest in evolving their digital infrastructure.

Members of the company’s Scene+ rewards program will pay a reduced $1 per ticket booking fee, and members of CineClub, the company’s $9.99 monthly subscription movie ticket program, will have their booking fees waived.

When Cineplex launched online ticket sales years ago, it charged a similar processing fee. Eventually, the company eliminated the fees and encouraged guests to book tickets in advance to avoid lines at the box office.

In recent years, the movie chain has looked for creative ways to milk more out of its customers. For example, Cineplex once experimented with charging a $2 fee for “prime seats” at some of its busier theatres.

In March, the US theatre chain AMC Theaters introduced surge pricing for tickets to The Batman in select cities in, ranging from $1 to $1.50 more per ticket.

So, how much is a movie ticket in the GTA? As of this writing, there are about 7,800 different price points (I’m clearly exagerating), but here’s a general idea based on a general admission ticket:

Standard VIP, 3D 4DX, and DBOX AVX will run you around $24
Standard DBOX and IMAX will run you around $21
ScreenX will run you around $18
A movie in a “basic” theatre will run you around $14
Special event tickets (i.e. classic films) start at $7
*before taxes or booking fees
**I hope you don’t get hungry and/or thirsty

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