Pickup Driver Hits Four During a Residential School March

Pickup Driver Hits Four During a Residential School March

Four people were struck by what police are calling an “impatient driver” in Mission, British Columbia, during a protest raising awareness about residential schools.

Yesterday afternoon, a group of people participated in the second annual March for Recognition, which was organized by the Crazy Indians Brotherhood BC chapter.

The march began at Mission’s Heritage Park and followed a two kilometre stretch of highway between there and the former St. Mary’s Residential School. In order for the group to cross the road, traffic controllers briefly stopped eastbound traffic along the highway.

According to RCMP, the driver became impatient with the delay, which caused him to drive into oncoming traffic in an attempt to go around the group.

“It sounds like this driver became upset that his trip was going to be delayed by a few minutes, and drove into oncoming traffic to try to get around the group,” says Constable Harrison Mohr with Mission RCMP.

“When faced with oncoming traffic, he drove his vehicle into the midst of the group until the cars went by, then pulled out and passed again. In doing so, he struck several members of the march.”

Among those struck by the driver was an organizer of the group as well as someone who was directing traffic. Two people had to be treated at the hospital for their injuries.

“I was doing traffic control and the truck had speeded (sic) up and there were children in the right hand lane,” says Troy Ingraldi, one of the march participants.

“I wanted to make sure the children were fine so I stepped in front of the vehicle.”

Ingraldi said that when he told the man to be patient, the man became even more enraged.

Here’s Facebook Live video of the incident in Mission – which shows the lie in the RCMP’s statement. Because the hit wasn’t when the lane was blocked, it was when people were being let through, and as we were marching on to reserve land at the residential school. (Originally tweeted by Robert Jago (@rjjago) on June 4, 2022.)

At this point, Ingraldi claims he was yelled at by the driver, who said he would run down everyone on the highway if he wanted. The man then got into his truck, drove off, knocking Ingraldi to the ground.

Ingraldi was unable to talk about the driver’s motivation for striking the marchers; he only knew he was very angry about having to wait a few minutes while they crossed the highway. What does this guy do at a red light?

So far the police have chalked it up to an act of an “impatient driver.”

The driver has yet to be arrested, even though police were given pictures of his face, his vehicle, and his licence plate. Cool.

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