This “69” Ended Up Costing a Man $20,000 and His Job!

This “69” Ended Up Costing a Man $20,000 and His Job!

Earlier this month, Californians were in a tizzy when a local gas station accidentally gave away gas at a 90% discount.

John Szczecina, the now former manager of a Shell station in Rancho Cordova, California, said he set the price of premium unleaded fuel at $0.69 per gallon (equivalent to approximately 20 cents per litre) based on an honest mistake.

Szczecina says he received an email on June 9, the third price hike that week, instructing him to raise the premium gas price to $6.99 per gallon. He typed “699” into his computer and hit enter. However, before he could confirm the change, something caught his attention.

As a result of a bizarre turn of events, a truck outside the station crashed into a curb, scattering its cargo across the station’s parking lot. Szczecina told reporters that he helped the driver pick up the cargo before returning to work.

The need to confirm the gas price change on the pumps itself had slipped Szczecina’s mind by this time.

With gasoline prices soaring around the globe (except in OPEC countries), customers who were fortunate enough to stumble on the mistake urged anyone and everyone to get over to the station to take advantage of the mistake.

Szczecina only realized his mistake when he arrived at his gas station the next morning to find the district manager waiting for him. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done.

Although customers benefited, Szczecina lost his job as a result.

Szczecina, however, acknowledged his error and wants to make amends. To repay his former employer, his family launched a GoFundMe campaign. To date, the campaign has raised more than $24,000.

According to Shell, the station was independently owned and operated, so it was the owner who would be responsible for the lost profits, not the company.

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