Those Boxes of Processed Crap at the Grocery Store Are About To Get New Warning Labels

Those Boxes of Processed Crap at the Grocery Store Are About To Get New Warning Labels

Soon, Canadians will see more warnings on food packaging, telling us if a product contains too much sugar, salt, or saturated fat.

According to reports, Health Canada will require front-of-package nutrition symbols on high-fat, high-sugar, and high-salt foods. This will make it easier for consumers to identify unhealthy foods while shopping.

Although, if the food comes in a box, a bag, or a can, it’s probably not that healthy to begin with. But I digress.

Health Canada intends to apply the following threshold:

  • Salt, fat, and sugar levels in prepared or processed foods, as well as foods for children aged one to four, cannot exceed 15% of the recommended daily values.
  • In the case of prepackaged meals, the threshold is 30%.

These upcoming warnings will not apply to products at a farmers’ market, products that are not sold directly to consumers, raw single-ingredient meats and fish, all dairy products, and eggs.

Examples of front-of-packaging warnings being considered by Health Canada (Health Canada)

The only raw single-ingredient products not exempt are ground beef and pork. Dairy products contain at least as much saturated fat as beef and pork, however, it’s believed that Big Dairy was able to lobby Health Canada to exempt their products.

Health Canada’s decision to include ground beef and pork has left some scratching their heads. Ground beef and pork, once properly cooked, should not exceed the government’s thresholds. I don’t know about you, but I try to limit my raw consumption of ground pork.

If the new warnings are anything like adding calorie counts to menu items, it will freak people out to know how much sugar is in that cereal box, but then we’ll learn to ignore it and continue eating horribly.

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