Toronto’s Newest City Councillor Resigns Only Hours After Being Appointed Over Homophobic Online Posts

Toronto’s Newest City Councillor Resigns Only Hours After Being Appointed Over Homophobic Online Posts

Toronto’s newest city councillor managed to last only a few hours before having to resign after CANADALAND editor Jonathan Goldsbie outted her as a homophobe.

Rosemarie Bryan was appointed by Toronto city council to fill the vacancy created by Ward 1 councillor Michael Ford’s departure for his new role as one of Ontario’s newest MPPs.

The appointment took effect immediately, and Bryan only needed to avoid saying or doing anything stupid until the current term ends on November 14.

She lasted for a few hours before Goldsbie tweeted screen shots of homophobic posts Bryan made on social media between 2015 and 2021.

Bryan announced her resignation in a written statement Friday night, in which she attempted to walk back her anti-LGBTQ remarks and expressed a desire to not leave anyone feeling like they weren’t part of the community.

I am so proud of my work in the Etobicoke community, my commitment to my religious beliefs, and my charity work here and in Jamaica.

I am so devastated that past social media posts I have made are now being thrown against my decades of commitment to the community.

I do not want to make anyone in our city feel like they are not loved and not part of our community.

I recognize councillors were not aware of those posts before today’s discussion and now that they are, I recognize many would not have cast their vote for me. I don’t want to hurt all those who supported me and I remain committed to helping my community in any and every way I can.

So I have resigned this appointment effective tonight – I believe that is the best way I can continue to serve everyone who loves and supports me and the people of Etobicoke North.

Rosemarie Bryan

In her statement, she referred to her community service in Etobicoke, her commitment to her religious beliefs, and her charitable work in Canada and Jamaica.

A number of Bryan’s now-former colleagues, including Toronto mayor John Tory, expressed their disgust over her views on Twitter Friday afternoon. Many openly pushed for her to resign.

Her religious views, culture, or charity work do not excuse her bigotry. Good riddance.

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