Embracing Lies As Your Reality: A Conversation With Chris “Sky” Saccoccia, Canada’s Grifter

Embracing Lies As Your Reality: A Conversation With Chris “Sky” Saccoccia, Canada’s Grifter

Having mostly ignored our notorious anti-vaxxer friend in 2022, I decided to pay him a visit; virtually, of course.

Chris “Sky” Saccoccia, from Vaughan, Ontario, is known for his anti-vaccine activism, his short stature, and manic personality. Over the past two years, he has promoted crazy conspiracy theories and conned his supporters out of thousands of dollars.

It can be difficult to cover Saccoccia. On the one hand, I don’t want to draw attention to this creep. On the other hand, people should be aware of his dangerous behavior.

In an effort to get some answers about the schemes Saccoccia has been a part of over the past two years, I thought I would check in with him.

This is how the conversation went:

[WARNING: The subject of suicide was brought up several times by Saccoccia]

Chris SaccocciaThe Platypus
Jenny has to do eyelash extensions for cash?
Lol my wife was looking for somebody to DO eyelash extensions for our gf. Aww did somebody see me surrounded by hot women in the vip and get really butthurt. Sorry you re masked jabbed with a tiny dick
Dont kill your self.
You can’t even afford to keep your cellphone on.
🙂 once again. Masked.
Buh bye, Maseratis!
Yes im poor. Thats why im living on 20 acres in my second home. With two women, 9 dogs and do what I want everyday
Daddy owns your abandoned house in King City. You paid less than a million for this [Leduc] house that you had to beg for financing.
Your “gf” that you love so much changes every month.
I own my house in king city. 🙂 i did pay about 1 million in 2012 one of my best investments as its now worth about 6.5 million 🙂
I actually graduated with an 86avg and scholarships
Prove it.
LOL i went to york university dumb fuck.
Sure you did.
I had 100% in my course. But i left to pursue development because making good money at 19 veara old was more appealing than school
Its ok though
If i were as pathetic and jealous as you I migjt spend my days making up stuff about me to make myself feel better too. Oh wait. No. Becauae im not a loser
Okay, Chris
Sure bud 🙂 remember. Dont kill your self
Also “your” Friendevu [website] sucks.
You haven’t even used it in two months.
Just accept that you will always be a loser
So much for that “Facebook killer” LOL
🙂 i have my own sofial media platform
Okay, Chris. Whatever you say!
What do you have? A chip on your shoulder and vaccine side effects. No business. No woman. No future
Maybe focus on success rather than be obsessed witha better man
I know that I have the love of my family, unlike you.
And then maybe your life wouldnt be so pathetic
LOL i have the love and support of literally millions and millions of people around the world. I coukdnt even go to stampede without having to take 100 pics with enthousisastic freedom fighters. on a normal friday night. Lol even had the cops come to shake my hand. Free vip. Free booth seating. Surrounded by the hottest girls that actually love to fuck me. Damn it sucks being me
Chris, you had to cancel Ottawa because no one wanted you to speak at their event. You came begging a few days before and then you faked some death.
Why would someone so close to your “team” die from a vaccine? They’re vaccinated?
LOL i was invited to headline in ottawa. I have 9 wolf dogs at my home (7 wolf dogs 1 malamute 1 small dog). I have a team that lives at my house and watches the house and dogs whenever i go on tour or vacation. Their JABBED GRANDMOTHER in toronto got sick. So they flew out to visit her. While in torontoshe DIED. So they had to stay for her funeral which ended up being thur july 30. They returned on the 1st late night. Making it impossible to go to ottawa. So instead i took the week off got a 5 star resort bec im poor and spent the weekend with two girls having the time of my life in canmore and banf. Lol I wouldnt have wastws the time to explain except I love bitch slapping losers over and over and over
Okay, Chris. Whatever you say!
Thats right, my little bitch. Whatever I say matters.
Whatever you say is a product of jealousy and self hate you make up to try and get your self through the day
Sure, Chris. You’re the most important person in the world.
Lol im even a best selling author, bitch. Over 10k copies of JUSTSAYNO sold. Lol that one tiny thing i did still had more impact on the world and succeas in my life than your entire life put together. You are nothing. Nobody. Some pathetic loser hidong behind a screen who stares at the wall wisbing he mattered
Wishing he was me, more accurately. The semi male version of “‘fatal attraction” lol
Chris, it’s a 20 page pamphlet. Let’s not pretend
like you wrote the Harry Potter books.
57 pages. And a best seller its ok though be more jealous
A best seller where, Chris?
You can’t just say things and make it true.
Canada youvneed 5000+ copies sold I did more than double that thabks 🙂
Usually people say something is a NYT best
seller, or an Amazon best seller… Your book is a [best seller according to who]?
Well my book is thr first in the history of the world to be given a pubkisbing deal from amazon only to have it banned opening day 🙂 another wonderful acolayde 🙂 and it still sold like crazy
Chris, you don’t get a “publishing deal” from Amazon. Anyone can self publish on Amazon. I know someone who released a colouring book. Anyone can do it.
Lol its really a lot morr complicated than that! Its quite the process. Of course, I would know and you wouldnt lol
Sure, Chris. Just like you built your own social media website.
And your own private school.
And your “Back to Work” scheme.
And the London Police [rally] money.
I partneted with a social media website for a % 🙂 i did creste a private school system thst is aporoved by the ontario school board. “Backtowork” isan official non profit that saved hundreds of business and thousands of children from losing their business and home. The London pooice rally was wildlysucceasful laubchinf the political career of knia singh our lawyer and bringing so much awareness that all police who were fired inclusonf windsor all got REHIRED and they are now in arbitration for back pay the wibdsor msged to thank me a few days ago @ my “worthless nfts” have a massive commibity ofover 100 000 peopoe sold thousands and just had a successful brand new release. And yes. I designed the origibal concept of the woofpack ft wokf csrtoonhowlibg at the moon, based off my wolfdogs. Im sorry i have done so much 🙂
Approved by the Ontario school board? What is that supposed to mean? Do you mean the Ministry of Education?
You need to have a curriculum, policies, contract etc. And it has to be approved the provincial school board association.
No, it has to be accredited by the Ministry
of Education
Our code of conduct and contract was written by the best in the industry with consultstion from ibdustry experts
Which you submit through the ontario school board associstion its part ofbwhats called
“Notice of intent to opperate a private school.”
And I’m looking at a list of accredited private
schools in Ontario and your school isn’t listed.
With all documentstion submittesbby sept1 or 2nd cant remember which
Why are you lying?
Its 100% approved thetr just arent any locstions opened.
Because every prospective location I had the governmemt used ZONING BYLAWS which normally could be circumventes through “minor variance applications” asi have done dozens of times for developments. But since this was a pokitically charged situation the government would disqualify my locations and refuseany minor variance applications even if it was bases off literally a 2″ discrepency in a porch size
Okay, so it wasn’t approved?
So i spent my OWN MONEY learned an industry worked with the best lawyers at schuman law. Did everything 100% legit.
It is approved. I just need a location
Okay, and “Back to Work”, do you have proof of how many people you’ve helped? You said you’d help Adam [Skelly] pay his legal fees. How much did you give him?
And the way it was afforsable is bec I had wealthy people DONATING LOCATIONS like large mansions to use. All which met rewuirements except like i said very minor instances the gov uses to disqualify. And if i had to buy a placr specific for the school it would be 250/montg per student
I dodnt gice adam skelly any money for his legal fees. He asked for my help by coming to his place and speakinf on his behalf, but sonce he raised like 400,000 with my help he didnt use money
I take it you have a list of these donors willing to offer up their mansions to you?
For other businesses i would meet them persobally and show them how to “get aroud the guidelibes” to make money even if they were “closed” esp gyms salons laserbhaor removal, hairdressers, physio, chiropractors etc
How thrbfuck do i know who gsve Adam skelly money lol
And as you can see i have been extremelv candid and open with my responses as I have nothing to hide
Why have you not told your supporters how
much money you raised during the “London
Police” rally?
We raised enough to cover the costs of the day and oay the lawyer what was required to figjt the mandates which he posted about himself btw.
Okay, and how much was that?
You can figure it out. 3000 pieces of merch 1500 t shorts 1500 hoodies all top quality priority courier 16 people to help with the event. Garbage clean up. Lawyers fees, fees for speaker systems etc
And the end result the people backing the police. The police unites. Mandates lifted. Jobs rehired and now even back pay for all cops
And you re complaining 🙂
Could it have been any more successful?
Well, you had nothing to do lifting mandates.
Are you still using your daddy’s credit card
to live?
I believe it was $5k a month you were milking
him for.
Wait so justsayno unitednoncompkiance me warning peolle abojt masks and jabs before they happened. Me hosting rallys like london with 10k+ peoole me speakibg to millions in ottawa and everything else I have done had absolutely no controbution to ending mandates? 🙂
Have a good day
You said you were going to be Finance Minister [of Canada]. Why did you lie?
Why did you say you owned the Bank of Canada
when you knew that was a lie?
“Milking Daddy” i invested over 500k into our devekopment business and turned it into 5 million + for daddy. And that was just one job. He could pay me5k a month forever and it wouldnt come close 🙂
Why do you lie so much?
Is it a medical condition?
The only one lying. Is the obsessed anonymous loser that wishes he was 1 / 10 the man i was and cant handle the fact hes a pussy and a nobody and spendthe entire day 1) spying on my life and gettinf bitter 2) making excuses of why hes a useless
nobody 3) sleeping.. rinse and repeat ever day then he sits there and wonders why hes a useless nobody 🙂 #realtalk
No, I’m just wondering why you lie so much.
You lied about COVID “camps”.
You lied about [running] private schools.
The only one lying. Is the obsessed anonymous loser that wishes he was 1 / 10 the man i was and cant handle the fact hes a pussy and a nobody and spendthe entire day 1) spying on my life and gettinf bitter 2) making excuses of why hes a useless
nobody 3) sleeping.. rinse and repeat ever day then he sits there and wonders why hes a useless nobody 🙂 #realtalk
Chris, why did you say you were going to be the
Finance Minister [of Canada]?
Bec if rob carbone hadnt been a liar and fraud and actually ran for pm after registering the repubkican party that would have been where i wantes to beto prevent funding for agenda 2030 in the budget. I never said i was the finance minister orbthst i owned anything lol you literally make up lies i never said to call me a liar, then make up ridicukous bullshit like i never graduates high school. You have a drastic mental illneas
Get help
You said that the Netflix show “Stranger Things”
was promoting your slogan. “Just Say No” was an
anti-drug campaign in the 80s spearheaded by
Nancy Reagan. The show takes place in the 80s.
I didnt even put that some random person on the internet did and my wife shared it bec she thought it was cute. (See how stupid you are) lol
You can’t prove you graduated high school or your grade.
Chris, you posted a poorly edited video saying you were on Australian mainstream media.
People that went to school with me in high school and university know. 🙂 its not hard to search Christopher saccoccia woodbrisge college. I graduated in2001 or 2002 but since there’s a gazikliojb articles about me you migjt have to scroll throifhvmany pages of google
You literally just spliced a video of you at the end.
Thats an asutralian newscast that cut to a clip of me. I didnt make that you dumbbfuck
No, it didn’t, Chris.
The origibak clip is from rebel news
No Australian newscast cut to you.
It eas shared on literally dozens of platforms and even translated to morr than a dozen lanfuages dipshit
If you say so 🙂
Why is the Channel 7 logo missing [from his clip]?
About 500+ million people have seen variatoons of that video
Anyways you re really sad, pathetic, weak and disgustly obsessed
Get your shit together.
Get your life together
Stop being a fucking bitch and a doormat
Then stop making excuses for why you arent where you wanna be
What about June 24? You said you were going to
be talking with physicians and surgeons.
Where is that ?
Lol its ob my yelegram dumb fuck I apoke with & doctors outside the college of surgeons and phsycians vancouver
Holy fuck youbre fucked
Once agaib
Stop making excuses for being a loser
Stop stalking and hating on a superior man
And start getting shit done instead of conpkaibing feeling sorry for your self and being a complete feminized beta male bitch primed to be taken advantage of forever
Or dont take my advice and watxh your life go from shit to unbearable
Why did you lie about getting your teeth done?
My teeth are whitened. Not veneers
Chris, you posted before that you got componeers in Columbia.
No i got ny teeth whitened in colombia
Nope, that’s not what you said
Veneers are for stupid people
Why do you lie so much?
Do you believe your lies at this point?
Once again. The only one lying is you. Because you dont have the strenght mengal or phsyical to hand reality.
On that note i gotta go train. And get more jacked. So i can be healthier look better get more success wealth pussy and just be in an all around great mood
Chris, you have to stop lying.
You sit there, be a useless half man beta male bitch and think about me all day and all the ways you wish you were me
And keepblyonf to your self to stop those suicidal thoughts.
Bro im the one successul ans livong life you re the on in vour moms house obsessing over me
I own my home and I didn’t need my dad’s help or
to con people for it.
If i werent an asshole id even feel sorry for you. Its that level of pathetix
Chris, your family hates you.
You’ve lost vour “friends”.
But since loser like you are why this pandemic is happening. You can fuck off and die weakling.
Chris, you need help.
You can’t help but lie.
And people see it.
That’s why no one wants you at their events. Your crowds are dwindling
No one wants to be associated with you.
Okay ,Chris. If you ever want to talk more you let me know. Or you can block me like you have in the past. Weak people block so they don’t have to be challenged.
Meabwhile i had to take 100 pics last night got invited to vip at stampede just for being there.
Okay, Chris.
You dont challenge me. You make ridiculous false statements you make up to make your self feel better about being weak.
Its what every weak male who wishes he was a man does
No, I correct your lies.
You block anyone who questions you
You’re weak.
You don’t care about free speech.
You want to control the narrative.
Meanwhile they all thinknthey are unique in their jealousy. And will kie to the grave rather than admit theor own shortcomings
Dont forgrt theb4th booostet and your mobkey pox and flu shot
Can you type that again, I don’t know what you
said. Are you still using that cracked Android phone?
So when you re suckong dick you re “safe”
Now go wither away and die
You don’t have to make homophobic remarks.
Its gym time bitch. You dont ubderstand that, either
Okay, Chris. Go to the gym and play with your dogs. The two things you’re good at.
Lol homophobic you think i care thst you suck dick and take it up the ass? Only bec it means you are more likely tobhe masked and jabbed bitxhm otherwisefuck an entore football team
Okay, Chris.
Go to the gym, keep lying.
Ya bro i didnt finish high school didnt go to ubiversity didnt do anytnong else i said. Now you can feel better about being a total loser @ better?
Chris, produce your diploma.
Prove me wrong.
Until you do, you’re a liar.
The fact you think i need to prove anytbing to you is laughable at best.
Exactly. You’re a liar.
Ya bro. You got me. Tell the entire world that i didny graduate high school 🙂
Have fun with that
Make sure to post it and tag me, ill even share it for vou
With the # #butthurt
Oh? You’ll share a Platypus article? 🙂
If it says i didnt graduate high school ill send it to everybody especially my friends from high school
Just to show vour mental illness
Then we can have you committed against your will 🙂
Which could be fun
You can share all the articles I’ve written about you and Silicone Barbie [Jenny Saccoccia].
So please write the articld
Okay, anyway thanks for this.

As you can see, Saccoccia managed to simultaneously answer and avoid answering every question I asked him. There is no doubt that this man knows how to spin a yarn.

Did I miss a question you would have liked me to ask? Why don’t you contact Saccoccia directly? He enjoys hearing from his supporters.

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