I’m Sorry, but My God Forbids You To Use Those Condoms!

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I’m Sorry, but My God Forbids You To Use Those Condoms!

It first started with refusing to fill prescriptions for the so-called “morning-after pill”. Now the religious-right want to deny you access to condoms.

Jessica Pentz and her husband Nate were on vacation in Wisconsin (for some reason) over the Fourth of July weekend. Having forgotten her birth control pills back home in Minneapolis, the couple drove to a Wallgreens in Hayward to pick up a box of condoms and some other items.

Pentz waltzed her way up to the cash register with her items, including a box of condoms. But John, the middle-aged man working the register, told her he could ring up everything except the condoms.

In confusion, Pentz pointed to the aisle where she picked up the box of condoms, thinking John might have thought she was trying to purchase something the store didn’t carry.

“Well, we can sell that to you,” he explained. “But I will not, because of my faith.”

With the line behind Pentz growing longer, the cashier called over a manager to complete the transaction. So unwilling to sell a woman condoms, the cashier demanded the manager log out of his account so he wouldn’t have any connection to the transaction.

In the end, Pentz’s transaction was completed by the manager.

The company released a statement defending the employee’s actions, confirming that he had followed proper protocol in handing over the customer to another employee.

“Our company policy allows team members to step away from completing a transaction to which they have a moral objection and refer the transaction to a fellow team member or manager who will complete the customer’s request,” a Walgreens spokesperson told the Star Tribune.

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