Canada’s Grifter, Chris “Sky” Saccoccia, Is Throwing Himself a $1,000 Per-Booth Super-Exclusive Birthday Party

Canada’s Grifter, Chris “Sky” Saccoccia, Is Throwing Himself a $1,000 Per-Booth Super-Exclusive Birthday Party

Are you interested in attending the 39th birthday party of anti-vaxxer extremist Chris “Sky” Saccoccia this weekend? Be ready to transfer hundreds or even thousands of dollars to him via email money transfer.

When Chris Saccoccia announced that he would be throwing a lavish 39th birthday party for himself, I wasn’t too surprised. The man is an egomaniac, always looking for attention (and the next person he can scam)

The Saccoccias tried to make Jenny Saccoccia’s birthday into an exciting event, but it didn’t work out. Pictures from Jenny’s birthday party show a small group of people celebrating at the couple’s home in Leduc, Alberta. There might have been more paid help and “Instagram” models than guests.

Saccoccia has been promoting his big party on social media for a few weeks now, and is even accepting reservations through his website. In order to learn more details about the event, I signed up using a disposable email address.

A short time after signing up, I received an automated reply with an extensive price list and instructions for sending money to the couple.


Dear new member

Thanks for signing up. We have an incredible location and set up for the party. The location (aprox 1 hour from Calgary) will be revealed just a few days before the event. We have full service bar as well as booth/bottle VIP. A massive stage with international acts and models, hosting the event. A bbq with burgers will be available for sale. The party starts at 11pm and goes all night. There is FREE PARKING and CAMP SITE AREA for all who wish to spend the night.

To be on the guest list respond with your group. (Total number of men and women with the same subject heading)
Deposits to secure your spot can be sent to [email protected]
We ask for a 50% deposit on all group reservations of 7+ people.


Single entry costs: (for groups up to 6 people) ADVANCE PURCHASE 30 for men. 20 for women.

pay at the event- 50 for men 30 for women

For parties of 7to10- booth with 10 free entry. 2 bottles 1.14 L grey goose. (or 3 750ml of jose quervo gold or bombay saphire.) , 1 bottle house champagne 1000.00
*upgrade to moet rose champage for 150.00

For parties of over 10.
booth with 15 free entry 3 bottles 1.14 L grey goose. (or 4 750ml of jose quervo gold or bombay saphire.) , 2 bottles house champagne 1500.00
*upgrade to 2 moet rose champage for 300.00

Red bulls 4 pack 20.00
Mixers are free.
Gratuity of 20% to be added for bottle service. Taxes are already INCLUDED!


1140ml Grey Goose -240
750ml Quervo Gold- 180
750ml Bombay Saphire- 180
750 house champagne- 150
750 moet rose- 220
Red Bull 4 pack- 20
Water 4 pack- 20

Single Drinks-6
Red bull – 6
Water – 5
Burger – 6
Cheese burger 8
Double – 12
Double w cheese 15

As you can see, Saccoccia is charging his guests anywhere between $20 and $50 just to attend the event. Inside the venue, guests are presented with a variety of ways to part with their money. “Taxes” are included and a 20% tip is added automatically for those purchasing bottle service.

Entertainment will include what Saccoccia is calling “international acts and models”, which usually means a DJ you’ve never heard of and a few half-naked “Instagram models” selling drinks.

I’m eagerly anticipating seeing pictures of this “Feed the World” farce first thing Sunday morning.

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