Chris “Sky” Saccoccia Doesn’t Want You To Know That His Birthday Was a Disaster… So Here’s the Video!

Chris “Sky” Saccoccia Doesn’t Want You To Know That His Birthday Was a Disaster… So Here’s the Video!

Watching an anti-vaxxer con artist like Chris Saccoccia embarrass himself is definitely one of my top 100 favourite things. Aside from maybe embarrassing him myself.

In an attempt to cash in on his 39th birthday party (I know, hard drugs can take their toll on your body) Saccoccia threw himself a pay-to-attend birthday party. As is typical for swindlers, he hyped up the event to make it appear more impressive than it actually was.

The privilege of spending an evening with Saccoccia and his silicone playmates cost between $20 and $50 a guest. Those looking for a more “VIP” experience were able to splurge $3,000 for a booth with bottle service.

A few photos from the venue were posted online; a plot of land dotted with cars in a rural area of Alberta. In anticipation of the hundreds of guests expected to attend, eight port-a-potties, four pink and four blue, were lined up. There was a stage with several large speakers on which international acts were to perform.

Saturday night came and passed without much mention of the party from Saccoccia; unusual for a man who loves posting pictures of “fancy” events he attends for attention. It wasn’t until a Twitter follower messaged me with a tip that I finally found some video taken at the party.

A link was included in the message which led to the Instagram profile of a person who appeared on a “flyer” Saccoccia had emailed his supporters. Naturally, wanting to know what happened the night before, I looked at the profile. There it was: video evidence.

Chris “Sky” Saccoccia’s birthday party was a massive flop.

A few short video clips posted to Instagram show maybe a dozen guests in attendence, this includes the few people Saccoccia paid to be there. The “VIP booths”, which turned out to be a handful of wooden picnic tables, sat empty. As the music played, a handful of guests sat around on hard plastic chairs drinking their $4 bottles of water.

It was hyped up as the next Woodstock, but in reality it was Alberta’s Fyre Festival.

The next day, a few of the group can be seen at a pool party, presumably hosted by someone else because it was well attended. In his capri-length black basketball shorts and gold shoes, Saccoccia can be seen eating alone by a service door.

All alone…

So sad.

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