Chris “Sky” Saccoccia Posts Pictures of His “Black Friends” To Refute Racism Claims

Chris “Sky” Saccoccia Posts Pictures of His “Black Friends” To Refute Racism Claims

After calling a black Toronto rapper a “black bitch” earlier this week during a podcast appearance, anti-vaxxer thug Chris Saccoccia is trying to do some damage control.

So, how is Saccoccia trying to convince people that he’s not a racist? Besides citing his Filipino wife as the main reason he cannot be racist, he’s now posting photos of himself with black men on social media.

Attempting to show just how not racist he is, Saccoccia made a video yesterday of him standing next to a black man in a bar who explained why he is not racist. The man is not someone I’ve ever seen before which makes the interaction even more strange.

However, the internet never forgets, and Saccoccia has been caught making some pretty vile racist, homophobic, transphobic, and anti-semitic posts on social media.

Here is just a sample of some of the bigoted comments Saccoccia has posted over the years:

Muslims and child rape go together like burgers and fries.
Zionists are the biggest pedophiles in the world.
The moment you point out that black people have lower intellect than other races, especially Oriental Asians, you’re a bigot.
6 million Jews murdered is the biggest lie ever created in the history of fake Jew history.
It would have taken the Nazi’s over 68 years to murder 5 million Jews.
He quotes from Hitler’s Mein Kampf.
Africa is a collection of third world countries because blacks lack the sophistication to make an advanced civilization.
In the last few thousand years while other races evolved, the blacks and their low intelligence would not enable them to be on the same level.

Sorry Chris, but having a few black people tell you that you’re not a racist won’t take away from the fact that you called them unintelligent and unsophisticated. I hope you enjoy living your racist life, fucking racist.

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